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Bethke, Bruce
- Cyberpunk
- Headcrash

Blumlein, Michael
- The Movement of Mountains

Brunner, John
- Stand on Zanzibar
- The Shockwave Rider

Burroughs, William S.
- Naked Lunch
- The Soft Machine
- The Ticket That Exploded
- Nova Express

Cadigan, Pat
- Mindplayers
- Patterns
- Synners
- Home By the Sea
- Fools
- Dirty Work
- Tea From an Empty Cup
- Parasite

[Delaney, Samule R.] Chang, Glenn, Gotlieb, Phyllis and McGarry, Mark J., eds.
- The Edge of Space: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction

Gibson, William
- Neuromancer
- Count Zero
- Mona Lisa Overdrive
- Burning Chrome
- Virtual Light
- Idoru
- All Tomorrow's Parties
- Spook Country
- Pattern Recognition

Gibson, William and Sterling, Bruce
- The Difference Engine

Kadrey, Richard
- Metrophage

Laidlaw, Marc
- Dad'd Nuke
- Neon Lotus

Kirchev, Christian As.
- Chemical Illusions

Maddox, Tom
- Halo
- Walls of Lights

McCaffery, Larry, ed.
- Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Fiction

Murphy, Pat
- The Falling Woman

Pynchon, Thomas
- Gravity's Rainbow

Rucker, Rudy
- Software
- Wetware
- Freeware
- The Hacker and the Ants

Shiner, Lewis
- Frontera
- Deserted Cities of the Heart
- The Edges of Things
- Nine Hard Questions About the Universe
- Slam
- Glimpses: A Novel

Shirley, John
- City Come a-Walkin'
- Eclipse
- Eclipse Penumbra
- Eclipse Corona
- Heatseeker
- The Exploded Heart: The Trajectory of a Science Fiction Punk

Smith, Michael Marshall
- Only Forward
- Spares
- One Of Us
- The Straw Men

Stephenson, Neal
- Snow Crash
- The Diamond Age
- Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller

Sterling, Bruce
- Crystal Express
- Islands in the Net
- Mirrorshades
- Schismatrix
- The Artificial Kid
- Globalhead
- Heavy Weather
- Holy Fire

Vinge, Vernor
- True Names
- True Names and Other Dangers
- Tatja Grimm's World

This list could go forever, but I would like to give special credit to the Russian Cyberpunk authors, which are not very popular to the west(?!), and especialy to Sergey Lukyanenko, of which the book "Mirror Maze" is a noble piece of cyberpunk science fiction. For reference to Russian cyberpunk authors check to the page and set your browser to Cyrilic Encodnig.

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