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Count Zero


This document is about William Gibson's book Count Zero. The book itself can be found in Cyberpunk Library.


Title: Count Zero
Author: William Gibson
Year of publishing: 1986

Count Zero is a sequel to Neuromancer, set in the same dark future universe as its predecessor. Count Zero is very similar to Neuromancer, it's a story of a young cyberspace hacker caught in the net of corporate intrigue. The Zen Differential, a movie based on Count Zero, is being planned for release in 1998. The film will be directed by Michael Mann.


Turner, corporate mercenary, wakes in a reconstructed body, a beautiful woman by his side. Then Hosaka Corporation reactivates him for a mission more dangerous than the one he's recovering from: Maas-Neotek's chief of R&D is defecting. Turner is the one assigned to get him out intact, along with the biochip he's perfected. But this proves to be of supreme interest to certain other parties--some of whom aren't remotely human.

Bobby Newmark is entirely human: a rustbelt data-hustler totally unprepared for what comes his way when the defection triggers war in cyberspace. With voodoo on the Net and a price on his head, Newmark thinks he's only trying to get out alive.

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