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Rudy Rucker

Cyberpunk author Rudy Rucker was born 22 in March 1946 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. His full name is Dr Rudolf von Bitter Rucker. He is B.A. in Mathematics from Swarthmore College, PH.D. in Mathematical Logic from Rutgers University, and professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at San Jose State University. He is currently hacking cellular automata.

Rucker is a co-editor of a scientific journal called Speculations in Science and Technology. His first light-hearted novel, Spacetime Donuts , appeared in an American science fiction magazine in 1978. He has since published stories and articles in various magazines. His cyberpunk breakthrough novel was "Software", which won his first Philip K.Dick Award 1983.

Rucker has edited an anthology called Speculations on the Fourth Dimension: Selected Writings of C.H.Hinton (Dover-Constable), and another called Mathenauts. He is also co-editor of Mondo 2000: A User's Guide to the New Edge, and Semiotext(e) SF 14, Volume V, Issue 2.


Software (1982)

The Sex Sphere (1983)

Master of Space and Time (1985)

Wetware (1988)

The Hollow Earth (1990)

All the Visions (1991)

Transreal! (1991)

Live Robots (1994)

The Hacker and the Ants (1994)

Freeware (1997)