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Tom Maddox

Tom Maddox is one of the original cyberpunk authors. He has published short science fiction in Omni and other magazines and in various anthologies, including Mirrorshades . He has also published critical articles on William Gibson and John LeCarre. He wrote a monthly column titled 'Reports from the Electronic Frontier' for Locus magazine. His first novel, Halo, was published in 1991.

Tom Maddox was born in West Virginia, United States. He is married to Mary Maddox. He has a son, Leo Thomas, and a daughter, Molly.


Snake Eyes (1986)
In Mirrorshades cyberpunk anthology.

Halo (1991)
Cyberpunk science fiction novel.

Walls of Lights

Burning, Burning
Short story, published in Quanta online magazine of science fiction and fantasy.

Maddox has written X-Files episodes Kill Switch and First Person Shooter with William Gibson.

Maddox has written essay After the Deluge: Cyberpunk in the '80s and '90s.

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