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Only Forward



"Michael Marshall Smith's ONLY FORWARD is a dark labyrinth of a book: shocking, moving and surreal. Violent, outrageous and witty - sometimes simultaneously - it offers us a journey from which we return both shaken and exhilarated. An extraordinary debut." - Clive Barker

Stark is an investigator. We don't know of what, but he thinks he's good. When he's called in to find Fell Ackland who has disappeared, Stark sets out on a journey which will take him through the many neighbourhoods in the vast city he lives in. Neighbourhoods such as Colour, where the walls will coordinate with your clothes; Cat, where only Cats live and Red, where gang warfare is the favoured pastime. Quickly things move from a simple missing person job into something far more disturbing and deadly. It does have some talking technology too!


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