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Synners is Pat Cadigan's second novel. It was published in 1991. The novel won the Arthur C Clarke Award in 1992, for the best science fiction novel of 1991. It is considered a true CyberPunk classic, by the elders.


The book plunges us into a fast-moving, high-tech future -- exotic, exciting and very dangerous. It's a world where new technology spawns new crime even before it hits the streets. A world where computer viruses appear all but human. A world of new drugs and even newer side-effects. A world where the human mind and the external landscape have fused to the point that reality is constantly being molded, destroyed then re-created. And the greatest reality manipulators of them all are the Synners...

Synners are synthesisers - not machines, but people. They take images from the brains of performers and turn them into a form which can be packaged, and sold, and consumed.

To be a Synner is to join the on-line hardcore, an outlaw band of video hackers, simulation pirates, and reality synthesisers - hot-wired socket-jockeys hooked on artificial reality and virtual space. Now you can change yourself to suit the machines - jack into cyberspace dreamworlds and leave the meat behind. All it costs you is your freedom - and your humanity. But something new is loose in the network, a wildfire virus with a mind of its own that can crash the system and trash your brain. The Synners created it. Now it's up to them to stop it.



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