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Heatseeker is a collection of short cyberpunk science fiction stories by John Shirley. It was published in 1989.


Foreward by Stephen P.Brown;

Introduction by William Gibson;

"What Cindy Saw",

"Under the Generator",


"Tahiti in Terms of Squares",

"Silent Crickets",

"I Live in Elizabeth",

"The Almost Empty Rooms",

"The Gunshot",

"Equilibrium" (Later re-issued in the collection New Noir, 1993),

"Uneasy Chrysalids, Our Memories",

"Quill Tripstickler Eludes a Bride",

"Recurrent Dreams of Nuclear War Lead B.T.Quizenbaum into Moral Dissolution" (Later re-issued in the collection New Noir, 1993),

"What It's Like to Kill a Man",


"Six Kinds of Darkness" (Also contained in Semiotext(e) SF14 , 1989),

"The Unfolding" (With Bruce Sterling),

"The Peculiar Happiness of Professor Cort",

"Ticket to Heaven",

"Wolves of the Plateau" (Excerpt from: A Song Called Youth... also contained in Storming The Reality Studio , 1991).

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