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Bruce Sterling is one of the original cyberpunk authors, and the unofficial spokesperson for the genre. He writes a critical column for Science Fiction Eye and a popular-science column for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Bruce Sterling is born in 1954 in Texas, United States.

Sterling's first novel, Involution Ocean, appeared in 1977 when he was just twenty-three. A flawed but fascinating first novel, it created the dreadful planet of Nullaqua with considerable skill, surviving an introduction by Harlan Ellison designed to kill off a dozen lesser writers from bashfulness.


Involution Ocean (1977)
Science fiction novel. Introduction by Harlan Ellison.

The Artificial Kid (1980)
Science fiction novel.

Schismatrix (1985)
Science fiction novel.

Islands in the Net (1988)
Science fiction novel.

Crystal Express (1989)
Collection of short science fiction stories.

The Hacker Crackdown (1992)
Non-fiction book about hackers.

Globalhead (1992)
Collection of short science fiction stories.

Heavy Weather (1994)
Science fiction novel.

Holy Fire (1996)
Science fiction novel.

Schismatrix Plus (1996)
Collection of short science fiction stories.

The Difference Engine (1990)
Steampunk novel in collaboration with William Gibson.

Bruce Sterling is also editor of Mirrorshades: A Cyberpunk Anthology (1986), which contains short cyberpunk stories.

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