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Stand on Zanzibar


Stand on Zanzibar is a science fiction novel by John Brunner. It was published in 1969. It is the winner of the 1969 Hugo Award.


There's a belief still current among British schoolchildren that you could stand the entire human race on the 147-square-mile Isle of Wight, elbow to elbow and face to face.

Well, that may have been true around the time of World War I (maybe in 1918) although nobody was keeping records accurate enough for us to be certain. However, right now in the 1970s you would have a tough job packing us on the 221-square-mile Isle of Man.

And by 2010 -- the time this book takes place -- you would need an altogether larger island, something like the 640-square-mile surface of Zanzibar. By 2010 there are more than seven billion people crowding the world. A world of acceleratubes, intelligent computers and mass-marketed psychedelics. A terrifying world of human machines where a quiet man can be programmed to kill.

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