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Bruce Sterling's Idea of What Every Well-Appointed "Cyberpunk SF" Library Collection Should Possess


The Canon

Burning Chrome - William Gibson
Gibson's short stories.

Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mone Lisa Overdrive - William Gibson
The "Cyberspace Trilogy."

Mirrorshades the Cyberpunk Anthology - Bruce Sterling ed.
Useful pointer to actual no-kidding Movement Cyberpunks.

Mindplayers - Pat Cadigan
Her best novel. An absolute must-have.

Heatseeker - John Shirley
Shirley's short-stories. His most significant and influential work. More-or-less official lit-crit organ of cyberpunk SF and assorted fellow-travellers. Very sporadic.

Science Fiction Studies
Dull gray academic rag seized in startling coup by wacky post-modernists. Now almost readable!

The first magazine of the 1990s that actually looks and acts as if it belongs in this decade. Now in its fourth year!

Australian cyberculture weighs in with a big glossy artzine.

Non-Fiction, Critical Studies

Storming the Reality Studio - Larry McCaffery ed.
Cyberpunk's man-in-academe gives his highly postmodern take on matters in this bug-crusher anthology.

Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier - Katie Hafner and John Markoff.
The best book to date on the outlaw "computer underground."

Across the Wounded Galaxies - Larry McCaffery ed.
McCaffery interviews various weirdo leading-lights of pomo SF, including Gibson and Sterling.

The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier - Bruce Sterling.
It's not just for breakfast any more.

Terminal Identity - Scott Bukatman
Headlong foray across the wild terrain of postmodern technology theory.

The Happy Mutant Handbook - Mark Frauenfelder, Carla Sinclair, Gareth Branwyn, Will Kreth, eds
The first Boing Boing book. More weird fun per micron than normals will ever imagine.

Escape Velocity - Mark Dery
Cyberculture: threat or menace? Round up the usual suspects: Stelarc, Moravec, Pauline, Sirius, Mu, Frauenfelder, Haraway, Orlan, Cronenberg, Dibell, Reznor, Leary, Lanier, Laurel, Barlow, Sobchack, Ross, Milhon, Kelly, Gibson, Cadigan, Shirley, etc etc.