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History of Cyberpunk



...The free human mind, creating the future, brings us to the new age - the Cyber Age. The inventing of the electricity and the telephone marks the beginning of the rise of the mankind. Broadcasting of sounds and images changed the human life forever...

With every new invention, the world - a child of the new age - was growing. Mankind saw millions of new opportunities. The Computer was the biggest invention of the human race ever made after the discovery of electricity. This invention of the seething intelligence became the most used one in daily life... This new invention opened a door to a new dimension - the cyberworlds also known as Virtual Reality. The computer-synthesized worlds were the brand new technology, taking more and more victims... After those events the world could never be the same again...

The new age was begot the first crime to the electronic world. The Cyber Age brought us more violence and more hatred in human's souls, more pain and more suffering... The crimes were moving to the new world, the world of 1's and 0's... New communities rose from the data world. Hackers, FreeJacks and Phreakers were the new rulers of this world. They brought the chaos into the new creation, but they also brought the knowledge to the mass, too. The Cyberpunks - offspring of the Cyber Age become the culture of the new world. The small community of free thinking people began to grow up and attract more and more people to the new cause - The Information is power! Free the Information!... The new world was called 'Cyberspace' by an member of the new society... The Cyberspace become a home for the Cyberpunks and the whole Cyber Underground. Hackers, Phreakers and other Cyberpunks began to rule the new world the way they like - No laws! No rules!

They began the new creation...

Creating a new dimension, creating the Cyberspace...

-- Mad Maniac 1996


Cyber + Punk = Cyberpunk
Coining of the word 'cyberpunk'. Cyberpunk as a fusion of 'cyber' and 'punk'.

Cyberpunk Timeline
Year by year history of cyber, punk, and cyberpunk.

History of Cyberpunk Science Fiction
These papers on "Cyberpunk as a Science Fiction Genre" section tell about cyberpunk history, from pre-cyberpunk science fiction to '80s cyberpunk, and to cyberpunk nowadays.

Cyberpunk Subculture: Past and Present
These papers on "Cyberpunk as a Subculture" section recount the evolution and history of cyberpunk as a cultural theme. They place the cyberpunk culture in an historical context.

Is Cyberpunk Dead?
For the last years, it has been trendy to say that cyberpunk is dead. How about this?


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