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Is Cyberpunk Dead?


Someone has said, that "cyberpunk is dead". Is that true?

No, no, and no. As a science fiction genre cyberpunk maybe has mutated into something called post-cyberpunk science fiction, but the original cyberpunk now lives at more higher level: it has become a living subculture for many people in the Net and so called real life, whatever it is. To the current generation, cyberpunk is synonymous with the hacker underground, non-luddite forms of anarchy, and the strategy (borrowed from C-punk literature) of extrapolating "20 minutes into the future." Cyberpunk has come to mean simply the grafting of high-technology onto underground, street, and avant pop culture.

So, punk is dead. Science fiction styles come, change, and go. But CYBERPUNK lives!

Links & References

Cyberpunk Lives!
An essay by Ben Iglauer.

Cyberpunk R.I.P.
An Wired Magazine article about death of the cyberpunk movement by Paul Saffo.


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