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Cyberpunk Subculture: Past and Present


These papers recount the evolution and history of cyberpunk as a cultural theme. They place the cyberpunk culture in an historical context.

Fiction That Bleeds Truth
"Cyberpunk was not so much a literary movement as an extension of postmodern experimentation that reaches back to the first cultural memes generated by radical shifts in perception."
By John Lebkowsky, originally from bOING-bOING #9.

Cyberpunk From Subculture to Mainstream
From subcultures of the 60s and 70s to cyberpunk.
By McKenzie Wark.

Cyberpunk - Terminal Chic?
Article by Nathan Cobb, from "the Boston Globe", about cyberpunk culture, specifically the differences between hackers and punks, how the two cultures merged, and the resulting cyberculture.

Is Cyberpunk the Counterculture of the 1990's?
The Red Light District of the Virtual Community. Hacking the Old Counterculture. CyberPolitics.
An article by Seeker1 examining the cyberpunk phenomenon and analyzing the appropriateness of assigning the "counterculture" label to cyberpunks.

Slacker's Manifesto
Talkin 'Bout My Generation, by Seeker1, or Steve Mizrach.


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