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Cyberpunk Essentials


These papers are a kick start to cyberpunk:


A Cyberpunk Manifesto
A Cyberpunk's Manifest. Our Manifest.
By Christian As. Kirtchev <>

Cyber Dada Manifesto
Cyber Dada Manifesto, contrast Dada Manifesto in the beginning of 20th century. Digitize the World. Computer Generated Cyber Dada. Digitize. Interface.
Probably by Troy Innocent and Dale Nason.

Cyberpunk Worldview
Description of the cyberpunk worldview and way of thinking.
By Gareth Branwyn.

Cyberpunk Philosophy
Description of some kind of cyberpunk philosophy.

Hacker's Ethic
By Steven Levy, from his book "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution."


New alt.cyberpunk FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on alt.cyberpunk newsgroup.

Old alt.cyberpunk FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on alt.cyberpunk newsgroup, older and quite different version.

Cyberpunk Dictionary
Cyberpunk basics from A to Z.

Future Culture Manifesto
Future Culture Manifesto defines many aspects of the cyberculture: Virtual Culture, Psychedelic Culture, Rave Culture, Industrial Culture, PostModernism, Street Culture...


"Neuromancer" by William Gibson. The book which has become the Bible of Cyberpunk.

The Hacker Crackdown - Law and disorder on the Electronic Frontier
This Bruce Sterling's classic book highlights the 1990 assault on hackers, when law-enforcement officials successfully arrested scores of suspected illicit hackers and other computer-based law-breakers.


Blade Runner
Movie that gave cyberpunk science fiction its visual representation, and has so become "the definitive cyberpunk movie".


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