Cyberpunk Philosophy

These points seem to be some kind of "cyberpunk folklore":

The Hacker's Ethic
"Attack anything that tries to hide information from the masses".

"Information Wants to be Free"
All information should be free and easily distributed to the public.

Rebel against harmful or oppressive authority.

Think yourself, question authority.

It is every person's responsibility to take control.

Screw everyone but your friends.

Never trust anyone.

Never kill anyone ... too cheaply.

Style over substance.

Anti-totalitarianism. Anarchy preferred.

Striving for a moral and spiritual utopian "enlightened despotism".

Related to Post Modernism Movement.

Democracy does not really figure in. (Individual not mass dictatorship).

Striving for "freedom" as either personal dependence or independence from/on technology.

Convergence of human and machine.

The supersession of sensory experience by digital simulation.

Computers as a way to freedom and control
Computers as engines of liberation and tools of social control, reweavers of the social fabric shredded by industrial modernism and instruments of an even greater atomization.

Attitude is everything!

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