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Blood Electric



Title: Smart - D
Author: Kenji Siratori
Year of publishing: 2004


Kenji Siratori is an extraordinary contemporary author, his books review the current reality of our virtual reality, as an abstract concealed in straight word points. He types like a soft Martial Arts author, with a strong hand and an understanding heart. In smart_d, Kenji reveals the state a few would admit. His fractions of words discover the connections between and inside abstracts of common cyber realities and actual physical urban space and existance. One should not be afraid to enjoy reading this book. And eventually get smarter!


The story goes from human sexuality, trough urban states of discoveries over the masses of flesh whose DNA is being reprogrammed by televiosion, video-recorders and ghost meme transitions. Any conciousness to get touched by the girl/speed gets awakened. And someone is always there to remind you that this is just a hunger for illusion, where you substitute one reality with another, seeking for what would be the escape of murderous sanity.

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