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Blood Electric



Title: Blood Electric
Author: Kenji Siratori
Year of publishing: 2002


Like technological spasm, a bio-electronical deflation. Like mind hallucinations caused by diasepam, but clear as a dew-drop on an urban balcony. Kenji Sirator's Blood Electric surfs on the edge of genetic memmory recorded 24 years ago.

Kenji (Siratori) is expressible on modern self science. The meeting of technological karma with genome replication in enviorment of self-transmitting clouds, the insemination of cyber reality into natural reality caused this semi-conductive latest-generation expose.

The books is written in a code-seuqence of feelings-productive scripts and informational griffs wrapped in sense. The cyberpunk mutation, the inner rebel of the one and the mass - a natural envenom caused by pollution, microwave and radio distortion. Electric pulsation, air dense - Kenji caught it all in a preserved caul readable by microscope.

Fast city running, people - cyborgs. Lonelyness, a fight against mass-optimisation, an inner flow on a pathway to salvation, an escape trough the gratings of electronical frontiers and artificial borders. The story line goes trough


A fatal collusion of drag embryos and DNA angels in Cadaver City ignites the circuitry of ADAM Doll... dogs of zero waging gene war in Placenta World, chaos unleashed by the digital vampires of Sato Corporation, nano-junk virus pandemic. On the pink ash planet EVOL, ADAM and ANTi-ADAM clash in terminal zodiac burn... enter robo-succubus Super Cherry 666, hunting for the grotesque nova skulls of Sato Corporation napalm torture victims.

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