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Digital Culture Communities

These are virtual groups of people who exist only within the dimension of the Net. These people live normal lives outside the Internet, but many of them believe that life beyond the vast expanses, available to them at their PC terminal, is slow moving and dull in comparison to the worlds at their fingertips. The Well being one of these communities which has existed for some time.

The WELL, the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, an online gathering place, conferencing etc. Run by the Whole Earth Review.

#Cyberpunk IRC Channel
#Cyberpunk IRC Channel [on Irc Net] Home Page.
Maintained by Cyborg <>

#Cyber_punk IRC Channel
Spanish #Cyber_punk IRC Channel Home Page.

Axis Mutatis
aXm, a virtual community. Information, individuality, contact.

Cybermind mailing list, and community it has created.
Originally about philosophy and psychology of cyberspace.

The Sprawl @ SenseMedia
WOO [Web-based MOO], a collaborative hypermedia environment.

Cyberpunk and Related Newsgroups

Here is a list of cyberpunk and related newsgroups. A longer list of more or less related newsgroups can be found here.

Note: Groups are available only if your site carries them! Group descriptions are not strict, and most newsgroups are full of spam and junk nowadays anyway. Be aware. alt.cyberpunk, alt.cyberpunk.movement, alt.2600.moderated and alt.wired are usually worth of observing, others may be most useful only in earning $$$EASY MONEY$$$...

alt.2600.* Hierarchy
List of hacker/cracker newsgroups related to 2600 Magazine.

The culture(s) of the Net.

alt.cyberpunk.* Hierarchy
List of cyberpunk newsgroups under alt.cyberpunk.

Cyberspace and how it should work.

Cybernetics and systems.

Descriptions of projects currently under development.

Bad hackers...

Industrial culture, etc.
Net living. and alt.rave
Techno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing, etc.

Wired Magazine related newsgroup.

About 3D virtual worlds and other cyberspace constructions.

Zines, Digests, Publications...

There's of course many cyberculture magazines and other publications in the Net. "Zines" are smaller, free-form, low-circulation magazines or newsletters. There are now thousands of them as the result of the Net, desktop publishing and generations of kids hooked on media.

Mondo 2000
The MINDSTYLE Magazine of the Millennium. The leading techno-pop culture zine that introduced cyberpunk to mainstream world.

Wired and HotWired
Cult magazines for Internet-as-a-lifestyle people.

The premier zine for the explorers and outlaws working at the frontier where silicon meets wetware. Hacking, phreaking, social engineering, circuit diagrams, cautionary tales, and fervent defense of the First Amendment all show up here.

21C Magazine
21.C Magazine, Scanning the Future.

Settore Cyberpunk
A cyberpunk web-zine. For succesful Internet living. Stories, texts, links...
By Maddler <>

Iron Feather Journal
A cyberpunk magazine published since 1987.

Moved to the web in its tenth year, Extropy is a magazine covering the full range of advanced, emerging, and future technologies with an emphasis on making you more informed and prepared. Life extensions, memes, anarchy, nanotechnology, groovy drugs, and ultimate freedom. Wild and woolly.

Cybersociology is a non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture and life online. For social-scientific researchers of cyberspace.
By Robin Hamman.

The world's first cyberfem' webzine.

English language edition of German magazine of Net culture.

"We were right all along". Named like a Wired parody, Tired is a web zine about the Internet, television and the culture we find there.

Transmissions from the Freeside
Dedicated to promoting the power of the Individual in an age where information is becoming power.

Way Cool Web Zine
Underground culture from the fringes of the Internet.

Technology and Human Responsibility for the Future.
Email newsletter [e-zine] which looks beyond the generally recognized "risks" of computer use such as privacy violations, unequal access, censorship, and dangerous computer glitches. It seeks especially to address those deep levels at which we half-consciously shape technology and are shaped by it.

CMC Magazine
Computer-Mediated Communication.

Cyber Noodle Soup
An occasional fanzine on cyberpunk and edge fiction, edited by Patrick Clark. "Cyber Noodle Soup is published from time to time, whenever we have a few pages of material."

Line Noiz
Archives of a Cyberpunk Information E-Zine published in '93-'94.
By Billy Biggs.

Cheap Truth
Archives of a Cyberpunk related SF zine published in middle-80's.
By Vincent Omniaverta.

Computer Underground Digest (CuD)
The Cu Digest is a more-or-less weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates, news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other issues related to computer culture.
Maintained by Jim Thomas <>

Hacker Zines
Hacker Zines. Phrack, which is still publishing, and archives of many others, like BoW, FBI, NSA, GASP...

Links & References

Virtual Communities
"A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community". An essay about virtual communities by Howard Rheingold.

The Zany World of 'Zines
What are 'zines? An essay by Steve Mizrach, a.k.a Seeker1.

Net etiquette. Originally for USENET, but goes with the whole Net too.


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