On the Wrong Side of the Law?

An essay by InfinityMatrix

For years, even some decades, hackers have been exiled from the so-called "law abiding society." And we have been cast offs, almost completely shut out. We have been media stars, only the media makes us out to be bad people. Can't they just get it through their skulls? But anyways, the term "hacker" has become synonymous with the words "crime," "criminal," and other assorted terms that the "creme-de-la-creme" spit on. That's right. Spit. They look at us we just dropped another atomic bombs.

As I said earlier, "law abdiding society?" So-called. They have rapers, murderers, and others, that are the *real* criminals. The government starts wars, makes no attepts to help unemployed, homeless or other troubled people. And they call us bad. Hmmmm...... Makes a person really think, huh? Sure, sure, there have been some very malicious hackers. But did you notice alot of the time they were some person(s) trying to defend rights of something? Like earlier, there was a hacker in China that got the death sentence for hacking. How stupid is that? That is causing no physical harm to anyone. (NOTE: May have been some damage to the system.) But still. I mean, what is with that. But then, a hacker hacked a Chinese website and expressed his/her feeling pretty descriptively. He was protesting the penalty for the hacker. And earlier than that, actually quite a while, was the New York Times. A group of hackers the NY Times website, and protested against the Kevin Mitnick case. When Kevin Mitnick was caught, he was put directly into jail, no trial. He's been in the slammer for about 4 years now. Talk about unfair. Do not pass go, do not collet $200. And so abruptly, that concludes mt essay for now. You might want to look back for revisions. Thanx for reading.

-- IM

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