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First Published in Cyber Noodle Soup
Created by Patrick Clark

Cyberpunk Timeline Readme File

Okay, so what is this? Well, it started as a lark, got swiftly out of hand, and now is way more ambitious than simple filler for the zine Interference on the Brain Screen. And way more than any one person can keep in motion. So true to communal ideology upon which the Net is supposed to rest, we put this up on the Web for comments, arguments, additions, deletions, and corrections.

"Cyberpunk" -- dread term -- is defined very loosely here. The timeline is meant to be as inclusive as possible so there are items on "punk", on "cyber", on "cyberpunk" (literary), on computers, hacking, viruses, flicks, zines, VR, cyborgs and killer robots.

What we'd like is, first, corrections. We can't be sure we have the right dates for everything here, though we tried. If we screwed up, let us know. If you have a more precise date for any item please let us know. However, we would like proper citations for any nitpicking. "It seems to me..." and "As I remember it..." are not good enough: quote the source. (Unless, of course, YOU, personally, are responsible for whatever it is/was; we'll always defer to the actual author /publisher /participant /instigator.)

Second, additions. If you think something deserves inclusion by all means let us know. It would be nice if you have a date (this thing's a "timeline" after all) but we're not going to be strict about it. Right now this lacks entire galaxies of information. In particular there is not nearly enough non-USA materials. Hey, it's a planetary culture, right? But except for geekgirl there is nothing from the entire southern hemisphere. And precious little from Asia, Japan, Europe and Canada. This is a reflection of our sources, not our wishes. Suggestions for additions can be of any sort so long as they fit into the general scheme of the timeline. So there has to be some connection to the cyberpunk Zeitgeist. But, again, we're pretty broad-minded as to what that entails. Notice that some items have editorial comments - usually snide - attached to them. Feel free to include those sorts of remarks, too.

Deletions? Sure, so long as you have a strong case. But understand that this is NOT intended to be a scholarly work. It's suppose to be fun. Consequently there are a number of more or less "bogus" entries which, while they have a tenuous connection, are not meant to be taken entirely seriously. (The Cherry Poptart Cyberspace comic might be a case in point.) Some entries are here in order to build momentum toward a future entry. (The first Generation X album is listed essentially to draw attention to, and perhaps make an unstated comment on, Billy Idol's Cyberpunk album, for example.)

Contributions to this timeline are from P.Clark, J.A. Heriot, E.Johnson, R.Rucker. Thanks to the good folks at Kaspahr@ster for getting the page up on the Web.

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