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The Matrix


Movie The Matrix is directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski. It was released in 1999. The movie script can be found here.


Computer programmer Thomas Anderson (played by Keanu Reeves) has lived double-life as a hacker called "Neo" in the Net. Otherwise his life is relatively ordinary - in what he thinks is the year 1999 - until he is contacted by the enigmatic Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) who leads him into the real world.

In reality, it is 200 years later, and the world has been laid waste and taken over by advanced artificial intelligence machines. The computers have created a false version of 20th-century life - a computer simulation called the "Matrix" - to keep the human slaves satisfied, while the AI machines draw power from the humans.

Morpheus has been searching his entire life for a "chosen one" to destroy the Matrix, and he believes Neo is it. Neo has his doubts, but through all his adventures with Morpheus and his crew, he starts to believe and joins Morpheus and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) in their struggle to overthrow the Matrix.

Finally Neo, who is pursued constantly by "Agents" (computers who take on human form and infiltrate the Matrix), is hailed as "The One" who will lead the humans to overthrow the machines and reclaim the Earth.

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Postmodern Motifs and Ambience in Cyberpunk Films
...on the Example of the Wachowski Brothers' The Matrix. An essay by Paul "nEo" Martin.

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