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200 Techno Music Essentials

Compiled by Sam Inkinen and Bello Romano in 1993/94. Published in "Tekno - digitaalisen tanssimusiikin historia, filosofia ja tulevaisuus" ("Techno - the History, Philosophy and Future of Digital Dance Music"), edited by Sam Inkinen.

Abfahrt: Come Into My Life
Acen: Window in the Sky
Adamski: Killer
Age of Love, The: The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix)
Altern-8: Frequency
Aphex Twin, The: Ageispolis
Aphex Twin, The: Digeridoo
Aphex Twin, The: On
Aphex Twin, The: Polynomial-C
Apollo 440: Liquid Cool
Art of Noise, The: Art of Love
Ashbrook Allstars: Dubbin' Up the Pieces
Astralasia: Twilight Twirl

Baby D: Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Baby Ford: RU486
Balil: Parasight
Banco de Gaia: Desert Wind
Bandulu: Messenger
Barbarella: Barbarella
Bassheads: Things Ain't What They Seem to Be
Bassman/De La Rey: Real Trance
Bassomatic: Fascinating Rhythm
Beltram, Joey: Energy Flash
Beltram, Joey: Omen
Beltram, Joey: Speedfreak
Black Dog: Cost II
Bolland, CJ: Camarque
Bolland, CJ: Mantra

Capricorn: 20Hz
Channel X: Rave the Rhythm
Cosmic Baby: Heaven's Tears
Cosmic Baby: Space Track
Cubic 22: Night in Motion

D-Shake: Yaaaaah
D.O.P.: Oh Yeah
Dance 2 Trance: Hello San Francisco
Dance 2 Trance: Take a Free Fall (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Dee, Lenny: Microdot
Digital Excitation: Lifetime Warranty
Direckt: Two Fatt Guitars
Disco Evangelists: De Niro
Dr. Atomic: Schudelfloss
Drum Club, The: Sound System
Duce: Krieg oder Frieden
van Dyk, Paul: Illuminate the Planet

Eat Static: Lost in Time
Ecstasy Club: Jesus Loves the Acid
Eden Transmission: I'm So High
808 State: Cubik
808 State: In Yer Face
808 State: Pacific State
808 State: Plan 9
Electrotete: I Love You
Energy 52: Cafe del Mar
Espiritu: Los Americanos
Euphorhythm: Der Virus

Finitribe: 101 (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Florence: The Vineyard
Fluke: Slid
4Voice: Eternal Spirit
Future Sound of London, The: Cascade
Future Sound of London, The: Papua New Guinea

Genlock: Mock Moon
Gipsy: Skinnybumblebee
Gloworm: I Lift My Cup
Grid, The: Crystal Clear
GTO: Elevation
Guy Called Gerald, A: Voodoo Ray

Hardfloor: Acperience
Hardfloor: Trancescript
Holy Noise: The Noise
Human Resource: Dominator
Humanoid: Stakker Humanoid
Humate: Love Stimulation
Hypnotist: The House is Mine
Hypnotone: Dream Beam
Hysteria: Take Me Higher

Interactive: Dildo

Jam & Spoon: Stella
Jams: It's Grim Up North
JayDee: Plastic Dreams
John & Julie: Circles
Johlly L: Transonic
Joy, The: Shine

K-Klass: Rhythm Is a Mystery
Kicks Like a Mule: Bouncer
KLF, The: 3 A.M. Eternal
KLF, The: 3 A.M. Somewhere Out of Beaumont
KLF, The: What Time Is Love?
Komakino: Beyond Your Dreams
Kraftwerk: Robotronik

Leftfield: Not Forgotten
Lemon Interupt: Dirty
Liasons D: He Chilled Out
Lion Rock: Carnival
Liquid: Sweet Harmony
Lunatic Asylum: The Meltdown

Marathon: Movin'
Marusha: Rave Channel
Members of Mayday: The Judgement Day
Messiah: Temple of Dreams
Messiah: There Is No Law
Microbots: Cosmic Evolution
Microglobe: High on Hope
Millionaire Hippies: I Am the Music, Hear Me
Moby: Go
Moby: Move
Model 500: No UFO's
Mother: All Funked Up
Mukkaa: Yerchunked
Mystic Institute: Ob-Selon Mi-Nos

N-Joi: Adrenaline
Neon: Waves
Nu-Matic: Spring in My Step
Nush: Nush 2

Ongaku: Mihon
Opus Magnum: Rave to the Joy
Orb, The: A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
Orb, The: Blue Room
Orb, The: Little Fluffy Clouds
Orb, The: Towers of Dub
Orbit, William: Water from a Vine Leaf
Orbital: Belfast
Orbital: Chime
Orbital: Choice
Orbital: Halcyon
Orbital: Lush-3
Orchestra Guacamole: Havanna Shuffle
Outrage: Theme from Outrage
Overboust: Tribal Interphase

Pentatonik: Re-Solution
Phuture: Acid Trax
Plastik Man: Spastik
Polygon Window: Quino-Phec.
Polygon Window: (Quoth)
Praga Khan: Rave Alarm
Prodigy, The: Charly
Prodigy, The: Everybody in the Place
Prodigy, The: Out of Space
Project One: Smokin'
Psychic Warriors ov Gaia: Beyond

Ravesignal III: Horsepower
Rejuvination: Requiem
Resoraz: Art of Time
Roach Motel: Transatlantic
Rotterdam Termination Source: Poing

Sabres of Paradise, The: Smokebelch II
Sandals: We Want to Live
Secret Knowledge: Sugar Daddy
Secret Life: As Always
Sequential: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Shamen, The: Move Any Mountain
Shamen, The: Progen
Shamen, The: Re:Evolution
SL2: On a Ragga Tip
Slam: Positive Education
Sono Lakota: Ice and Acid
Speedy J: De-Orbit
Speedy J: Ginger
Speedy J: Something for Your Mind
Spooky: Little Bullet
Spooky and Billy Ray Martin: Persuasion
Stealth Sonic Soul: Stealth Sonic Soul
Sublime: Transamerican
Sun Electric: Beauty O'Locco
Superreal: United States of Love
Sure Is Pure: One Drop of Rain
Sweet Exorcist: Free Bass
Sweet Exorcist: Test Four
System 7: Sinbad

T99: Anasthasia
TC 1993: Harmony
Terrace: Round Up
3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte: Der Klang der Famile
3 Phase vs. Pulse: Rota
Time Frequency: Real Love '93
Time Modem: Welcome to the 90's
Toxic Two: Rave Generator
Tracid Posse: Power of Darkness
Transformer 2: Pacific Symphony
Transglobal Underground: Temple Head
Trax Beyond: Hot Trigger
2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone (Rio & Le Jean Mix)

U 96: Das Boot
U.H.F.: U.h.f.
Underground Resistance: G-Force
Underworld: Dog Man Go Woof
Underworld: Rez

Vapour Space: Gravitational Arch of 10
Vernon: Vernon's Wonderland
Vinyl Blair: Trancespotter
Visions of Shiva, The: How Much Can You Take
Všth, Sven: An Accident in Paradise
Všth, Sven: L'Esperanca
Všth, Sven: Ritual of Life

Westbam: Mr. Peanut
Westbam: The Mayday Anthem
William Orbit: Water from a Vine Leaf

X-Press 2: London X-Press


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