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Cyberpunk as a Social Theory


Cyberpunk can be seen also as a social theory about postmodern, post-industrial world. As a social theory cyberpunk tries to explain our present-day world from its own viewpoints - technology, cynicism, social darwinism...

Cyberpunk as Social and Political Theory
The relationship between cyberpunk and sociology. An essay by R.J. Burrows.

Social Darwinism in Cyberpunk
I think I'm dying... An essay by Harold Kohl.

Technoculture as Postmodern Culture
An essay by Joseph Dumit.


"Cyberpunks" to Synners
About position of cyberpunk within the matrix of postmodern cultural change, from a viewpoint of feminist posthumanism. An essay by Shawn P. Wilbur.

Postmodern Blackness
About postmodern culture from African-American viewpoint.
By Bell Hooks.

Cyberpunk Cinderella?
Contextual illness and subjectivation. A weird example of cyberpunk as a social theory - classic Cinderella from cyberpunk viewpoint.


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