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If you cannot find what you are searching:

  • Note that default search criteria is "as a phrase" which matches only with exact phrases. With this option, search "william gibson neuromancer" matches only those pages where really reads "william gibson neuromancer" as a one phrase. You can change that option to "all search terms" or "any search terms" to get more hits. With "all search terms", search "william gibson neuromancer" matches with all pages containing all those words, and with "any search terms", that search matches with all pages containing at least one of those words.

  • Try to narrow your query. If you were searching with multiple words, try to split your query into many queries. For example, if not getting anything with "william gibson neuromancer" try to search for "william gibson" and "neuromancer", or even "gibson" and "neuromancer".

  • Check that "case" option is properly defined for your purposes. To narrow your query, you can use "case sensitive" option, to get more hits, use "case insensitive" option, which is also the default.

  • Check spelling. For example, "cyberpunk manifesto" cannot be found with "cybrpunk manifest"


  • Do not use quotation marks in your query. To search a phrase, just use the "as a phrase" option.

  • Do not include asterisks or other non-alphanumeric characters in your search terms unless you actually want them included (as with "C++") as part of your search.

  • Do not use boolean expressions (and, or, not, etc.), or attach + or - signs for including/excluding words.

  • Wildcars like * or ? are not supported.


  • To search for "Gibson" enter:
    gibson or "gibson".

  • To search for "William Gibson" enter: william gibson or "william gibson". Unfortunately it wont return matches for "Gibson, William", so for that you need to enter gibson, william too, or use just gibson.

  • To search for "Gibson" and/or "Sterling" you have to submit two queries, first one with gibson and second one with sterling.

We have a search log and so we know what you want the database to contain. We use unmatched searches to develop the database. So don't worry if you aren't finding what you are looking for! No search is wasted.

Is it working?

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