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You've tasted it before, probably many times: "in rock video, in the hacker underground, in the jarring street tech of hip-hop and scratch music, in the synthesizer rock of London and Tokyo".
-- Bruce Sterling, in Intro to "Mirrorshades";

"The cyberpunks did not originate their vision, but picked up bits and pieces of what was actually coming true, and fed it back to the readers who were already living in Gibson's Sprawl, whether they knew it or not."
-- Steve Brown

These papers try to define cyberpunk as literary/science fiction style:

Cyberpunk Literary Style
What is Cyberpunk as literary style?

The Style That Defines Cyberpunk
By Patrick A. Bonner.

Cyberpunk Definitional Paper
By Todd English <>

The Cyberpunks Reinvent Science Fiction
An essay by Daniel Riche.

Towards a Definition of Cyberpunk
Motifs of cyberpunk science fiction genre: posthumanism, postindustrialism, postnationalism.

Blade Running to Cyberpunk
What is and what isn't cyberpunk science fiction?

Cyberpunk Not Defined as "Anything That Cyberpunks Write"
Everything that "cyberpunk gurus" write is not cyberpunk.

Authors' Definitions
Various excerpts from cyberpunk science fiction authors about what cyberpunk is.

The Future in Cyberpunk
Defining characteristics of the cyberpunk literary genre.
By Serhat Guven.

Cyberpunk: Today Squared
The concept of cyberpunk. Today vs. the future.
By Michael Gunderson.

Cyberpunk's a Label Like Any Other
What this "cyberpunk" thing really is? Is it a genre? Is it a passing fad? Is it a one-man literary wrecking squad? And, should it matter?
By Jason Snell.

Virtual is Real
Postmodern Vision of the World in the Short Stories of the Sprawl Series by William Gibson. An essay by Paul "nEo" Martin.

Cyberpunk and the Post-Industrial World
The post-industrial world as a setting for cyberpunk literature.

Cyberpunk and Neuromanticism
An article by Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, published in 1996 in Mississippi Review.

Dark Images of Cyberpunk
Cyberpunk, an entirely different genre of science fiction, placing more emphasis on the darker future of life on Earth.
By Carlo Savino.

Razor girls
Genre and gender in cyberpunk fiction. An essay by Lauraine Leblanc.

The Women of Cyberpunk
Burgundy Nails and Rose Tattoos.

Feminism and Cyberpunk
How feminism in cyberpunk fiction differs from "mainstream" feminism.


Writing about Cyberpunk
Course in University of Texas about Cyberpunk Science Fiction.
Lectured by Tonya Browsing and Mafalda Stasi.



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