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Religion in Cyberpunk


Most cyberpunks are agnostics, atheists, or neo-pagan, and don't believe in any supernatual phenomena. They are intelligent free-minded technocrats and love their free life and machines more.

Those cyberpunks who identify with a religious affiliation tend to be relaxed about it, hostile to organized religion in general and all forms of religious bigotry in particular. Many enjoy `parody' religions such as Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius.

Those who are religious, are seldom Christian. They tend to lean towards Zen Buddhism and to a lesser degree to Taoism. Often more than one religion is found in a single cyberpunk. Believe in technology creates also some kind of "new religion" of technopaganism and technoshamanism.

There is a definite strain of mystical, almost Gnostic sensibility that shows up even among those cyberpunks not actively involved with neo- or techno-paganism, Discordianism, or Zen. For example, hacker folklore pays homage to `wizards' and speaks of incantations and demons. It has too much psychological truthfulness about it to be entirely a joke.


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