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Cyberpunk movies like this one, are not many. A movie about the cyberculture and social relations in a dark future. Done like a television theatre, the atmosphere is rather romantic and still pessimistic. A journey trough a world, that reminds us of our existence. Surely a movie that makes us ask ourselves some questions at the end.
Starring Christopher Lambert.


Snow falls incessantly from the sky. Jimmie is alone. Lisa, his girlfriend left him a year before.
Jimmie is a successful videogame designer and works for Yokosama Star, a multinational leader in its field. His latest game, NIRVANA will hit the stores on Christmas day. But Jimmie is unhappy, his life seems meaningless, his soul is ailing.
And, though at first Jimmie doesn't understand, his computer is also sick: a virus has attacked his program NIRVANA and Solo the video game's hero has become consciously aware of being a virtual character in an imaginary world, doomed to repeat to eternity the same fabricated actions in what is only the appearance of real life.
This, naturally, is unbearable and Solo asks Jimmie, his creator, to release him from this nightmare and delete him.
And maybe it's just what Jimmie was waiting for, maybe destroying what you've created is the only possible act of true freedom..
But it's easier said than done: a copy of the videogame is kept in Yokosama Star's data bank. Jimmie has to hack into it and needs allies to do so. In the Arab district of the Agglomerate, called Marrakech, lives an angel called Joystick who spends his time surfing in the web and hacking into data banks of multinationals.
Lisa had moved in with him when she'd left Jimmie but she's gone to live somewhere in the Suburbs. Jimmie begins his quest into the Suburbs in search of Lisa together with Joystick who's sold his corneas and now sees in black and white through two electronic prostheses, and Naima a young woman hardware expert who's lost her memory and can only insert artificial memories in her head and memories of her virtual secret partner, Solo, her true alter-ego..

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