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Naked Lunch


David Cronenberg and William S. Burroughs invite you to lunch

Naked Lunch is a science fiction movie directed by David Cronenberg. It was released in 1991.

There is a common misconception that this is based on the William S. Burroughs novel of the same name. Actually it's a semi-fantasy based on Burroughs' life during the period that he was writing this novel, but not on the novel itself. Peter Weller (who is good at playing robotic characters; he was RoboCop) plays a character named Will Lee, who represents Burroughs (Lee is Burroughs' mother's maiden name, and he used this pseudonym when 'Junky' was published).


The film starts with Lee/Burroughs working as an exterminator (which he did for a brief time). Characters representing Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg tell Lee/Burroughs that his wife Joan has been shooting up his bug powder. Soon the real-life tragedy in which Burroughs accidentally shoots Joan takes place (though here in New York instead of Mexico), and Lee/Burroughs escapes to Tangier. There he confronts a universe of insect-filled nightmares, disgusting desires and secret plots.

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