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Fri Sep 17 1999
Search engine works finally again.

Thu Sep 16 1999
Back from sleep. The project was quite hindered during the summer because lack of everything, but now we've done some reorganizing. Thank you for every feedback, haven't answered most of them but we are still here.
Most pages are now on new server with faster lines. That means that we needed to mess the IDB up with frames, but maybe it helps the navigation a bit... Search is currently not working, working on it.
Anyway, finally a Linux server :-]

Wed Jun 02 1999
Last two months., the project was hindered due lack of meatware resources and time. Current progress status: back to normal.

Sat Feb 13 1999
The search engine should work now somehow, but you'd better specify a very exactly defined query, 'cause if you search for "cyberpunk" or "william gibson" you get every fucking page listed and the database is too big for that.

Sat Jan 30 1999
The search engine is broken again... I think the database is already too big for it :] Working for the problem.

Tue Dec 29 1998
1000 visits! And at most 5% of those is our own visits :-]

Sat Dec 12 1998
New outlook on the main page and some new links, for Cyberpunk History and "International" Cyberpunk pages, pages in other languages than English.

Thu Dec 3 1998
And again, scripts should work. We changed whole search engine script, now it should be more stable. Don't know if it's otherwise better at all. But at least case sensitivity option works again.

Tue Dec 1 1998
Tadaa! Scripts broken again... Soon I'm gonna kill some operator. They keep changing the system environment every day.

Fri Nov 27 1998
Scripts should finally work again, mostly. But the search engine lost its "case insensitive" option, so be careful when searching and try to revise your searches if needed. The database already contains much more info than anybody can see from the index page, so some digging is needed. [Good information overload organizing methods, anyone?] If having errors with scripts, please report bugs to

Thu Nov 26 1998
Visitor counter is running, people have found us. And what's even more pleasing, we've already got some encouraging feedback. Thank you, everybody out there! This project will really develop both in time and [disk]space, so stay tuned! :-)

Wed Nov 25 1998
Surprise... The operator changed the machine which runs the CGI scripts [search engine and contact form], and they stopped working. Trying to fix them as soon as possible.

Mon Nov 23 1998
First phase of the project is quite ready, and we are soon ready for the Great Announcement, for example in alt.cyberpunk.

Fri Nov 20 1998
Pages registered for major search engines.

Sat Oct 24 1998
IDB page count 100!

Mon Aug 3 1998
IDB project started. First pages for the database. Page count 5 :-)


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