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Hacker Culture


Here's a collection of zones and zines around hacker/cracker culture. Here we don't discriminate crackers from hackers, because it's almost impossible.

Computer Underground Sociology & History

The Social Organization of the Computer Underground
A thesis for the degree Master of Arts, by Gordon R. Meyer.

A Short History of Hacking in America
The Early Days, The Renaissance, The Future.
By Steve Steinberg.

Hacking & Cracking

Hacker Zines
Hacker, cracker, phreaker, and warez zines.

2600 Magazine
The legendary 2600 Magazine.

l0pht Heavy Industries
L0pht, making the theoretical practical in cracking since 1992.

Chaos Computer Club
The official Home Page of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany.

Information Insemination - information, archives, exploits, security...

Hacking and security news.

Law on the Electronic Frontier
A book about the Law on the Electronic Frontier by Ian J Lloyd and Moira Simpson.


DEF CON in Las Vegas, USA
DEF CON hacker meeting, latest one 6.0 in August 1998.
By The Dark Tangent.

ASSEMBLY in Helsinki, Finland
Demoscene party, latest one ASSEMBLY '98 in August 1998.
By ASSEMBLY Organizing.


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