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"Extropianism is a belief system that proposes developing human knowledge and technology to defeat entropy. An Extropian technology might be any development that helps people to live better, longer lives. Major areas of focus for Extropians include drugs, tech and techniques for self-enhancement, cryonics and other strategies for immortality, space colonization, nanotechnology (submolecular manipulation and manufacturing), and medical technologies."

R.U. Sirius: How to Mutate and Take Over the World

"Extropy" is a measure of intelligence, information, energy, vitality, experience, diversity, opportunity, and growth. "Extropianism" is the philosophy that seeks to increase extropy.

Extropians are transhumans to the extent that we seek to become posthuman and take action to prepare for a posthuman future. This involves learning about and making use of new technologies that can increase our capacities and life expectancy, questioning common assumptions, and transforming ourselves ready for the future, rising above outmoded human beliefs and behaviors.

Extropians are an additional group in cyberpunk subculture. They can be considered as cyberpunks because they use very high-tech methods when trying to save their meat from aging and dying. They tend to advocate technologies that seem a little weird to many nonextropians, or technological solutions to problems that many people don't even think of as problems. Just a few examples are space development, cryonics, life extension, memetics, artificial intelligence, and smart drugs.

Main extropian principles are boundless expansion, self-transformation, dynamic optimism, intelligent technology and spontaneous order.

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