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"Cyborg" is a science-fictional shorting of "cybernetic organism". The idea is that, in the near future, we may have more and more artificial body parts - arms, legs, hearts, eyes - and digital computing and communication supplements. The logical conclusion is that one might become a brain in a wholly artificial body. And the step after that is to replace your meat brain by a computer brain.

Links & References

Technology as Extension of Human Functional Architecture
An essay about technological extensions to human - attachments, implants, wrappers, manipulators... By Alexander Chislenko.

Cyborg Detector
Cyborg Activity. Terminology, body modification, cyborg culture, myths, identity...

Communication Studies: Digital Media: Cyborgs
Communication studies material from University of Iowa.

Legacy Systems and Functional Cyborgization of Humans
By Alexander Chislenko.

Cyborg Anthropology Archive
An archive by Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Cyborgs 'R' Us
A Guide to the History of the Cyborg. By Martin Irvine.

Presenting the Cyborg's Futurist Past
An analysis of Dziga Vertov's Kino-Eye.
By Joseph Christopher Schaub.

The Human Body and the Machine
Some artwork on a MIT course.

Cyborg Subjects and Networked Communities
Cyborg Subjects and Networked Communities links for University of Rochester Digital Culture seminars.

Virtual Concrete
A project exploring Corpo-Reality. Plan yourself.

Home Page of a Cyborg
This obviously schizophrenic man really thinks he's a cyborg.


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