Culture Jammers

From Mark Dery:

"We consider our mental environment - the realms of signification we encounter every day, especially in omnipresent advertising - and that we take direct political action so as to protect that environment just as fiercely as the "natural" or physical one."


Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs
Culture jamming.
By Mark Dery.

Culture Jamming: Information War of the 90's
Culture jamming meaning and roots.
By Steve Mizrach.


What is culture jamming? Adbusters magazine leads the revolution to undermine corporate violence in a creative non-violent manner! Find out how you can help turn the system on itself.

CyberBreakdown with aXle.

Positive Propaganda
A weekly web serial featuring reviews of web sites about culture, art and more.

Delete Advertisements From Online Content. Allows one to browse online content or use most Web search engines without banner advertisements.

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