"Literary virtual reality in a high-tech, low-life hangout."

The word 'chatsubo' = 'cha' (tea) + 'tsubo' (pot/bowl).

Chatsubo stories are little cyberpunk science fiction stories posted by cyberpunk readers, mainly to alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo newsgroup.

Most of the interactive fiction is centred around the bar, the Chatsubo, as created by William Gibson in his novel Neuromancer and embellished by the folks in the group.

On chatsubo groups, people usually post:

  • Fiction (solo stories, joint stories, poetry, lyrics etc).
  • Commentary and feedback on the above.
  • Discussion of writing, cp technology, world building, storylines etc.
  • Anything else...

Links & References

The newsgroup and the stories themself.

alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo FAQ
Frequently asked questions for alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo.

The Tea Bowl
A Chatsubo Archive.
By Joel Benford <>

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